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Our Farms

Applegate Valley, Oregon

The bedrock geology of Applegate Valley and its sub-coastal weather offers the ideal cradle for hemp cultivation.  Gently sloping landscapes are abundantly irrigated by the Applegate River, and cooled by afternoon breezes. A mixture of oak savannas, conifers, madrone trees and manzanita bushes cover the surrounding hillsides.

We expertly combine geolocation, climate, natural elements and minerals with a diverse selection of plant strains to create our high-yielding, fine quality, CBD-rich crops. Sweet Earth produces its own seeds to ensure a constant and consistent supply of quality plants and products.

Our state-of-the-art greenhouses facilitate energy-efficient propagation and growing throughout the year.  Our R&D team works year-round to improve our proprietary strain, strengthen our hemp plants, develop new merchandise and assure all Sweet Earth products are of highest quality.

Sweet Earth CBD

Sweet Earth Hemp CBD is non-GMO and contains no pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. Our products are tested by accredited third-party labs, assuring customers that all our products, including oils and isolates, are safe and legal for use.

Our Mission

At Sweet Earth our mission is to produce high quality CBD and CBD products that provides our clients with purely organic and sustainably grown options.

While some companies focus on packaging and branding CBD merchandise by utilizing CBD purchased on the open market from various suppliers and importers, we take great pride in being able to control the entire process from seed to retail packaging.  Our team begins on the farm to create and provide you with the highest quality CBD products available.

Sweet Earth’s credo is to provide the purest CBD products free of GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers.