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Ashland, OR - Sweet Earth Skin Care is pleased to announce its brand new affiliate marketing program, paying affiliates as much as 35% on sales of its products. Sweet Earth offers a 20% commission on all sales up to $500, and an unprecedented 35% on sales above $500. With the average affiliate program paying out closer to 20%, this is one of the highest-paying programs available. Sweet Earth also offer various incentives throughout the year to earn affiliates even more money, faster.

With a direct product link from the Sweet Earth site, affiliates can use their own sites or social media accounts as well as codes that their customers can enter on Sweet Earth’s site. Sweet Earth pays automatically, and affiliates can track it all through the custom dashboard. Affiliates can find all of the information they need to get started at, or they can contact Sweet Earth at for more information.

Sweet Earth is a vertically integrated “farm to shelf” hemp grower with a farm in Applegate, Oregon, that maintains a full line of hemp and CBD products for the US and global market. Its products combine CBD with herbal and organic ingredients, all of which are selected for their beneficial properties to soothe, rejuvenate, and reduce inflammation.  In addition to high-end finished products, Sweet Earth prides itself on sustainability by minimizing the use of plastics in both production and packaging.