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Sam Nastat

Sweet Earth CBD Leadership
Mr. Nastat brings years of both national and international business development experience. Sam has over 20 years of experience in capital markets having worked as a Financial Consultant for Merrill Lynch, and Midland Walwyn.

Sam possesses robust capital venture experience on both the buy side and sell side, from incubating and funding numerous international ventures. For the past 4 years Mr. Nastat has been involved in the funding, operations and production of cannabis related businesses in the State of Oregon. It is this experience in business development and a thorough understanding of this dynamic cannabis sector thatgives Mr. Nastat an advantage in this space.

Travis Luther

Sweet Earth CBD Leadership
With 30 years of hands-on experience in cannabis-specific horticulture both in India and in the Pacific Northwest, Travis brings his expertise in agronomy and crop production to create systems for efficient farming. He combines this with his background in custom home building to design optimized environments for indoor and field-grown cannabis cultivation.

Farinaz Wadia

Sweet Earth CBD Leadership
Farinaz is a co founder of Forcefield based in Ashland, Oregon. Forcefield is a leader in the design / build of technologically advanced greenhouses. Forcefield acts as exclusive agent for Danish based DACS A/S and the MagFan line of exhaust fans. Farinaz has the managerial skills needed to handle the expansion plans for Sweet Earth.

Andrew Rainey

Sweet Earth CBD Leadership
Mr. Rainey has been involved in the agricultural field for most of his life. He gained his passion in this field while growing up on his family’s farm in New Zealand. Mr. Rainey has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree from Lincoln University. Since 1996 Mr. Rainey has been focused on seed multiplication and breeding programs for SP Seeds NZ from 1996-2009 and with Enza Zaden BV from 2009-2018.

Derek Brun

Sweet Earth Leadership
Mr. Brun holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Integrated Plant Systems with a minor in Soil Science from California State University. The experience that Mr. Brun brings to our team from his years of field experience are a tremendous asset. Since 2003 Mr. Brun has worked as Field Production manager and Seed Specialist for numerous operators in California. Since 2012 Mr. Brun has been Seed Production Specialist with Enza Zaden USA.


Andy Kim

Sweet Earth CBD Leadership
Andy brings his over-30 years of investment advisory experience to the Sweet Earth team. His insight into the Canadian and international markets is an asset to our team.

Desmond M. Balakrishnan

Sweet Earth CBD Leadership
Desmond is a partner of McMillan’s Medical Marijauna Industry Group. His wealth of knowledge of the cannabis industry is a tremendous asset to Sweet Earth. McMilan has been instrumental in the mergers and acquisitions on some of Canada’s biggest deals in the cannabis space. McMillan’s clients represent some of the largest publicly traded companies on the Canadian markets.